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Insurance Industry Partner – Stan, Field Claims Superintendent


I will contact you as the new losses arrive as you have been very professional in handling this loss and keeping me updated  on the status as things proceeded.

Insurance Industry Partner – Marty D, Vice President & Property Claims Manager


Thank you for sharing this letter from our client’s sons and daughter, relative to this fire loss of August 22, 2015. What immediately strikes me is the sincere gratitude and appreciation by the family, as well as the number of individuals, who all worked together to achieve this outcome.

Certainly, you, as well as Steve, should be congratulated for exceptional claim handling on this loss.

In addition, kudos to our partners, NBD International and Homelink, for their professional and effective involvement. I know how hard Nicol (NBD) and David (Homelink) work to achieve exceptional results for our insureds.

The family stated “I must say that these two (Steve and Darren) were two of the most professional, kind, prompt and caring people I believe we have ever met”. What more can I say but thank you.

Best Regards,

Marty D.
Vice President & Property Claims Manager

Insurance Industry Partner – Christine, Complex Property Claims Specialist

Good Morning Ron & Nicol:

Last night I attended our annual NY State Sales Meeting. At the meeting I was presented with the “Exceptional File Handling Award” for a claim we recently worked on together. While it was a great honor to receive this award, I would be remiss if I did not thank both of you (and your entire crew) for your exceptional efforts in helping me to move this claim forward and keep this insured in business. While I may have won the award, you truly deserve a great deal of the credit for the successful outcome of this file.

Thank you again for your assistance on this loss.

Commercial Customer – Hurricane Katrina Victim, Scotty from Jennings American Legion Hospital Records, LA

A very large & complicated job. Thanks for making us look good. It was a pleasure working with you during such difficult times at this facility.

Commercial Customer – Pat from Wal Transport and Freight, Van Wert, OH

It has been a very professional experience for our company and your effort played a huge part in expediting and understanding the whole process. Much appreciated.

Commercial Customer – Richard from CBS in Chicago, IL

I was devastated when last August’s flood here in Chicago ruined an extensive segment of my Compact Disc collection. As a music lover and radio DJ the loss struck hard both personally and professionally. But NBD came to the rescue. Discs I knew to be out of print you found for me brand new. You were able to obtain CD’s from tiny little labels here in my hometown that even I wouldn’t have been able to.

All the majority of my music was replaced promptly and the few that remained unavailable were miraculously restored to playability. And through it all your professionalism was most appreciated. My thanks again to you and your staff for all your hard work.

Residential Customer – Fred from Columbus, OH

Thank you to everyone at NBD. Everyone that my brother and I interacted with was courteous, personable, understanding, informative, and at times, even humorous. It really has been a pleasure meeting all of you. On behalf of my brother, Tracy and myself, thanks again.

Residential Customer – Pamela from Concord, MA

The team on my job was wonderful…I mentioned each of them on the bottom of the satisfaction and completion form. They really got the ball rolling. And their attention to detail and persistent attitude, made me feel that they wanted my house to “get well”. They all exhibited impressive qualities.

Commercial Customer – Shawn adjuster for First Evangelical Church in Lorain, OH

I wanted to let you know that I passed your contact information on to my manager and my other team members. I was really impressed with the work your team did on the church fire in Lorain. I wanted to let you know that the church advised me that they were happy with the services you provided them such as the care and detail you put into completing their project.

Residential Home – Katie from Fairview Park, OH

Your guys did such a great job with all of our stuff. The delivery guys were great and not a single thing was broken. Thank you so much for all you guys have done for our family. Coming back to our stuff really made the house feel like home again.

Residential Home – Tammy from Columbus, IN

I want to tell you that the difference between your company and the place I dealt with the last time are night and day. The professionalism of Christine when she itemized the contents of my home and then the promptness in getting the list to me has made the whole process a much better experience.

Commercial Customer – Hurricane Sandy Victim, Donna from SovereignBank, LA

I really appreciate the way you took care of our customers and also for being so kind. I know that was a lot of work and I appreciate it being done. It was a pleasure working with you, and your kindness made our customers feel better even though they were going through so much at once. I wish more customers used your service to get their items cleaned and sanitized but I guess they were not thinking clearly at the time because they seem to be sorry now.

NOTE: Money and safety deposit boxes were wet from contaminated water. NBD worked closely with the Federal Reserve guidelines in freezing and decontaminating the currency for successful return to the Federal Reserve. Additionally, NBD (in private rooms with security cameras) assisted customers in removing and mitigating their items from the boxes.

Commercial Customer – Alicia from Logan County District Library, Bellafontine, OH

To all of the NBD Staff,
A very huge THANK YOU for offering a service that preserves books and other items damaged by water. We are especially grateful for our local history collection which you were able to save from ultimate ruin. Thank you!

Residential Customer – Barbara from Weston, MA

We were both extremely impressed with the quality of the work, the professionalism of each person we worked with and their sensitivity to the trauma this storm damage has dealt us. I’d call them AWESOME, responsive, patient, diligent, and good communicators. Your Project Manager was also a pleasure to deal with and he runs a good crew. Thank you!

Commercial Customer – Douglas from Technicolor Company, Camarillo, CA

We wanted to take a moment to again extend our gratitude to you and your capable staff for their assistance at Technicolor. The service, dedication and competence made a huge impact in mitigating the loss from our warehouse fire.

Residential Customer – Annette from Atlanta, GA

I look forward to hugging all of you & letting y’all know how much I appreciate & love you. God is so Good! He knew I would need all of y’all. My life as I knew it will never be the same but I will always hold you close in my heart & thank Him for bringing us together even under these circumstances.

NOTE: This family insisted that the entire crew come back to their house, with the delivery of their repaired belongings, so they could show their appreciation by throwing them a dinner party.

Residential Home – Hurricane Katrina Victim, Arman from Metairie, LA

I am a sound engineer and digital media producer and my studio was located on the third floor of the home, which suffered the most damage. Much of my equipment was destroyed, but the items that were salvageable were inventoried and packed in a matter of days by NBD International. I worked with a team from their company and recommend them without reservation. Their care and regard for my valuables was most appreciated at this very critical time. They inventoried approximately 450 boxes of my belongings.I recommend NBD for anyone that has a need for a high end moving services or remarkable inventory and storage solutions. When they started my job, they were in the beta testing of their new inventory software, which literally allows them to scan items in and out of your storage unit with great ease. They are currently working on implementing this system for the items that I have remaining in storage. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions regarding my great experience with NBD.

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