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Technical Assessments

This is the first step in the recovery process – assessing and documenting the contents/equipment and the associated damages. NBD should be contacted immediately after a loss occurs so that an assessment can be performed to mitigate the damage and minimize business interruption. NBD’s Technical Assessments have three (3) different levels, but tailoring the assessment to the needs of the client is paramount.

Level One
  • Inventory and Assessment of Affected Content
  • Make, model, serial number and/or asset tag number of equipment
  • Description of the equipment including attributes and specifications
  • Printed report identifying the basic attributes and location of the item at the date of loss and/or assessment
  • Restorability assessment, including any necessary repairs
  • File documentation including digital pictures of the item(s)
Level Two
  • Includes all the tasks from Level One and: – Replacement costs with commercial and wholesale reconciliation
  • De-installation, installation, calibration and certification of equipment
  • Identification and accurate pricing of custom tools, supplies and works in progress (WIP)
  • Restoration quote based on internal diagnostics
  • Review of preventative maintenance records – age and condition of items will be noted
  • Recertification and specific restoration sources provided as needed
  • Research of salvage inquiries with recovery specialists
  • Debris removal scope and budgeted expenses
  • High-level file documentation – a documentation binder will be provided upon completion of the assessment
Level Three
  • Includes all of the tasks from Level One and Level Two and:
  • Full diagnostic damage assessment to include equipment modules and components known to be compromised
  • Additional pictures of the heavily damaged areas of the items or equipment will be included
  • A full job scope and bid package including time lines for completion
  • Gant charts and specific diagnostic information
  • Data recovery and recreation analysis if applicable
  • Expert testimony, if necessary, for legal proceedings

Each loss has specific needs. Restaurant equipment requires recertification by the health department; manufacturing equipment may be obsolete and unable to be replaced; a production studio cannot have “down” time in order to perform diagnostics. Many other situations present themselves and NBD personnel have been trained to deal with the unexpected.

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