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Fine Arts, Antiques and Textiles Restoration

Fine Arts, Antiques and Textiles require extra care. Many of these items hold memories, family heritage and even investments. We are highly qualified and confident in our ability to handle these items. We restore, repair, and clean a variety of Fine Art items including oil paintings, works on paper, textiles, ceramics, porcelains, and metalwork. There is a range of restoration available from minimal touchup to museum quality.

With Antique and Fine Furniture we ensure the functionality of the pieces while preserving their historical integrity. In repairing and restoring, our professionals aim to give each piece they treat the appearance that it has been well-maintained its entire life. Each treatment is tailored to the individual object, placing special emphasis on structural stability, historical faithfulness, and aesthetic appeal in order to ensure the preservation and functionality of the piece.

Textile Restoration covers a wide range of fabric and fiber-based items which include tapestries, embroideries, flags, samplers, costumes, quilts, and weavings. We will evaluate and restore where applicable, using appropriate methods and materials for the medium.

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