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Content Inventory and Replacement Pricing

NBD International Inc. is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art facility and equipment to restore virtually any content item. Its highly skilled, certified and experienced staff has over a decade of experience and is continually trained in disaster related recovery to ensure that the customer receives only the highest level of quality service. The company has extensive experience as content restorers. We have a complete process involving the pack out, restoration and delivery of content items damaged by fire, odor, smoke, water or a combination of these. Our quality control process allows us to have unmatched success in the restoration of damaged content items.

Our pricing specialists price items in the marketplace, utilizing our proprietary software, which uses average pricing in each of four different buying styles. These buying styles are based on the shopping preference of the insured. If specific pricing is needed, then this division will provide replacement pricing based on the manufacturer, model number, etc.

We also perform on site capture of an insured’s inventory after a loss. This type of on site evaluation by an outside party is often needed to ensure accurate and complete verification of claimed property. It can be done on a specific item or as an average pricing project.

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